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This web site has been constructed and is maintained by volunteers on behalf of The Bromeliad Society of Australia Inc. It is partly funded with assistance from BSA and other participating Australian Societies for the benefit of all Bromeliad enthusiasts.
The editorial group who set this up were Ian Hook (webmaster/current) and Ken Woods (deceased).
Please note that due care has been taken to confirm the accuracy of all the material published on this web site. We do not accept responsibility for problems arising from any errors in the published material.
The final arbiter of all Bromeliad identification questions will be The Cultivar Registrar of the Bromeliad Society International. Their email is or contact via the BSI web site.

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Rules of the “Bromeliads in Australia” web site.
Last update of these rules, 3rd September 2004
BinA = “Bromeliads in Australia” web presence or its successors, or the BSA representative managing it.
BSA = The Bromeliad Society of Australia Inc. Incorporation Number Y02972-25
  1. The BinA web site aims to promote the hobby of Bromeliad cultivation in Australia for the benefit of all Bromeliad Societies, Horticultural clubs, study groups and individual hobbyists.
  2. It will be a voluntary, non-profit outlet for Australian news, information, links, a diary of relevant forthcoming events, and a photographic index of Australian grown Bromeliads.
  3. For ease of operation membership of this editorial group is restricted to members of The BSA.
  4. The BinA editorial group will have final editorial control over all published material and style, be responsibility for maintaining the web site and its integrity against un-authorised modification, and keeping information up-to-date.
  5. Separate, but linked, sub-sections of the web site will be offered to all Australian Bromeliad Societies and Bromeliad Study Groups to promote their activities and publish local news. This offer will be at a nominal cost, determined annually, to offset site rental and maintenance expenses. All contributions submitted for inclusion will be edited and posted by the BinA editorial group.
  6. Bromeliad retailers may apply to have their links or contact information published. An annual fee, payable in advance, will be levied for this service. Such publication will be limited to contact details and a brief description of any area of specialisation.
  7. All items for publication will remain the copyright property of the contributor. All articles submitted for publication must be accompanied by written consent by the author allowing public web distribution. This written consent will be archived by the BinA editorial group.
  8. Responsibility for the correctness of information is not claimed or implied, and a statement to this effect will be clearly displayed on the web site. It is not the final authority for Bromeliad naming, identification or culture.
  9. Participating societies and study groups will be solely responsible for the validity and correctness of news and contact information submitted for publication on their Society page.
  10. The BinA Webmaster will ensure that the site can be maintained by at least one other member of the BinA editorial group, or a person agreed to by this group.
  11. All obtrusive advertising, pop-ups, computer viruses, scams, spam, personal campaigns, distribution of mailing lists or personal information, and off-topic material will be vigorously opposed.
  12. Nothing will knowingly be published that could offend, embarrass, reflect on, or falsely represent any society, club, organisation, or individual.
  13. The registered domain name, the address of the web site and associated email addresses will remain the exclusive property of the BinA licensee. The Bromeliad Society of Australia Inc. has offered to make payments for annual domain name registration, web space rental, and reasonable expenses for postage, telephone, backup disks/CDs, etc. Purchases of computers, cameras, scanners, and web design, etc is not expected but The Bromeliad Society of Australia Inc may elect to make such purchases in the future. There will be no remuneration for BinA editorial group members. Income derived form the sub-rental of web space will be applied to the overall cost of maintaining the web presence.
  14. The BinA editorial group will ensure that all original material submitted to BinA is securely archived.
  15. Access for modification to the BinA website will be limited to the BinA editorial group only. The BinA editorial group will secure a backup list of current access passwords.
  16. Confirmation of the correctness of information and plant identification will be sought from a panel of experts, to be recruited by the BinA editorial group.
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