Australian Bromeliad Photo Index - Contributions welcome.
Photo Index.
One of the aims of this site is to create a good quality photograph library of Bromeliads being grown in Australia. An invitation is extended to all hobbyists and collectors to submit photographs or comments for inclusion.

Photographs must be of good quality with a suitable background to clearly identify the outline of the plant. Ideally two shots should be submitted for plants with extended inflorescence, one of the foliage & spike and one close up of the inflorescence.
Submitted photographs should be of mature plants only. Only one photograph of plants without extended spikes would be needed such as Neoregelia, Cryptanthus, etc.
No wording should be superimposed on the photograph such as plant name or photographer. This information will be made available for viewing as indicated on the submission form.
Photographs may be submitted in print form if necessary.

All photographs are the property of the photographer and may only be reproduced after permission to do so has been obtained from the photographer.
Unauthorised commercial use of these photographs is strictly prohibited.

All photographs submitted will be checked for correctness by an editorial panel, or otherwise sent to Derek Butcher for a final decision.
Note that photographs may be cropped or edited in other ways before publication. We can not guarantee your original material will be kept indefinitely.
Inclusion on this site is at the discretion of the Bromeliads in Australia editorial group.

Please supply as much of the following information as possible and include with your submission.
Public Domain Information. (Published with photograph unless otherwise specified.)
Your Name :
Photographer :
Owner, Genus, Species (or Cultivar), Name :
Any important notes :
e.g. growing conditions or warnings, flowering season, history, source, location, fertility, photographic notes, etc. (See other photographs for a guide.)

Private Information. (Will NOT be used for ANY purposes other than contacting you in regards to this submission, and will NOT be made available to any third party.)
Address :
Your email :
Other notes or instructions :
(e.g. full annonimity of owner.)

Please send the above information in an email body, with your picture (or article) as an attachment (as .JPG or .DOC). Please use a separate email for each photograph.

Updated 08/09/04