Hints to viewing our Web Site.


  1. Clicking on a thumbnail view of a plant, will take you to a new screen showing the plant scaled to your entire available window.
    1. If your "Pop-Up-Stopper" software prevents a new window being opened, try holding down Shift or Ctrl while clicking.
    2. If you can not disable your "Pop-Up" software any other way, you should still be able to mouse RIGHT click on the thumbnail and select "Open in new window".
    3. The "new" window may be severely reduced if you have set large icons and many lines of text in the top of your browser. Pressing "F11" will temporarily get rid of all these. "F11" will bring them back.
    4. Internet Explorer can be set to NOT scale images to new windows. To turn this feature back ON, select "Tools" "Internet Options" "Advanced" and tick "Enable Automatic Image Resizing" (towards bottom of list under Multimedia). Click "Apply" then "OK". The resizing should now be your default. This should not affect any other aspects of Explorer.
    5. When a thumbnail is expanded into a full size image, the rest of "Bromeliads in Australia" is still present "behind" the image. When finished viewing, the new window can be "killed" and your last location will still be there.
      Kill it by clicking the "X" in the top right corner, or pressing Alt-F4, or by menu "File" "Close", or press "Alt-F" then "C".
    6. To keep the full size image for later reference, try bringing different screens to the front by selecting them on your toolbar, rather than "killing" each image.
  2. The "full size" images have been reduced to a nominal screen size of 1280x1024 before saving on this web site. Higher resolution images are stored off-site by the webmaster. Images are best viewed at this resolution or higher. To determine your current screen resolution, mouse RIGHT click on a blank area of your (Windows)Desktop and select "Properties" "Settings". Older equipment may not be able to reach this resolution.
  3. Once you have reached our Web site I would recommend either placing it in your "Favourites" list (see top of this screen!), or making a "Shortcut" icon to it on your Desktop. To do this....(to be completed soon).

Updated 25/10/05