Tillandsia ionantha
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Tillandsia ionantha
Ian Hook, Sydney 04/03.
Ken Woods '04.
Ken Woods 12/06
Birgit Rhode at Bromeliad XIII.
Ken Woods 06/09
Alan Phythian 11/17
Derek Butcher 05/11. See -
Detective Derek 0511
Ian Hook, Sydney 05/04. Giant form, possibly 'Apretado'
Chris Larson 11/16 as var. maxima*
*Chris Larson ... "T. ionantha var maxima – imported as T. ionantha 'Huamelula' back in the early 90’s."
Bob Hudson 10/17
Bob Hudson 10/18
Chris Larson 11/18
Bob Hudson 10/17&10/18 ... "Another beaut T. ionantha. It should have a name [Apricot Crush?]. Note the very dark nearly black petals."
Chris Larson 11/18 ... "This is one I’ve always thought of registering. Many of you have it already – no one has ever said no. To my mind it was the best one from an Isley batch in 2006. But do we need another name?"
Vic Przetocki 07/18 "Giant form"
Rob Bower 07/18
Chris Larson 06/19 BOE1593
Derek Butcher 07/18 ... "Vic: There are at least 4 cultivars that can be called giant. To help you out I m going to suggest 'Penito'. What do others think?"
Chris Larson 07/18 ... "I would not go to T.Penito as I dont think it is that. I reckon that Vics doing the right thing in not lumping it with something which it is probably not - which would , from my point of view, make that name pointless."
Rob Bower 07/18 ... "After the meeting at Pams and her collection of ionanthas, I thought I would send these in. The big one is similar but not the same as the giant form from Vic recently. Nice hot red colour. The smaller red one is slow growing and pretty much always red. If anyone has some variety names in mind that would be good."
Chris Larson 06/19 ... "From Mr Boeker in Germany, hence ionantha BOE 1593. Very similar in form to the one labelled Mex in your nearest Bunnings, or T. ionantha 'Huamelula' around the world (which emanates from Asia) but is different to the ones in the states."
Chris Larson 07/19 BOE714

Tillandsia ionantha var. van_hyningii

Chris Larson 07/11.
Peter Tristram 10/14.
Chris Larson ... "Not often seen in colour & flower. Taken by me at Bob Hudson’s place during the World Bromeliad Conference."
Peter Tristram ... "The variety ‘van hyningii’ isn’t often posted and is slow growing plant. I gather it is not easy to find in Mexico now as the canyon where it grew is now a dam. Pam might know more. I have a few forms and Chris and I found a monster in Colombia at Gruber’s."
Nanette Collingwood 08/16
Bob Hudson 06/19
Chris Larson 08/19 "From Asia, probably tissue culture."

Tillandsia ionantha var. zebrina
See also T. 'Zebrina'.
In 1994 this was included into the definition of T. ionantha - from a Botanists view it fits within the range of ionantha.
Shortly after, it was included in the Cultivar Registry as T. 'Zebrina' by Derek Butcher
as there were sufficient horticultural differences to warrant "keeping the name alive".
Now listed as T. 'Zebrina' a cv. of ionantha.
Peter Tristram 08/11
Bob Hudson 12/12
Greg Aizlewood 09/14. Variegated form

Tillandsia ionantha var. stricta - was 'Rosita'.

From BCR ... "'Rosita' = cv. of ionantha, Isley?, <1987
(Mexico - always red - to 10 cm. diameter) - Koide said, "The plant referred to as 'Rosita' is the same as Tillandsia ionantha 'Stricta' - This variation is endemic to one location in Oaxaca, Mexico. Red throughout its entire life and has very narrow, nearly filiform leaf blades". Now known as ionantha v. stricta (Koide)."
Peter Tristram 10/12.
Chris Larson 11/16 ex. Isley
Bob Hudson 01/17 "'Rosita' growing in a spiral leaf pattern"
Peter Tristram ... "This is what I got as T. ionantha Rosita in the mid '80s and what Chris sold (still sells) as v. stricta a few years ago. Very similar if not identical. I have Rositas from a few sources and they vary only in size but the overall shape and leaf density is pretty consistent, and reddness if grown bright. Chris has sold some that look like larger 'v. stricta' too.
Great plants anyway - never have too many! Too many ionantha forms to name them all!"
(Ed. - Note Pamela’s BSI Journal article of 1993, it says that the then proposed T. ionantha var stricta was created to apply to the previously named T. ionantha Rosita.)
Bob Hudson
Gary May 11/19 as Rosita
Gary May 11/19 var. stricta 'Silver Leaf; and 'Green Leaf'
Gary May ... (Rosita) "This came from Bob Hudson about 5yrs ago. Very dark, noticably heavier than other ionantha of similar size. Really slow growing but it was worth the wait. H 11cm, W total 9cm, W bulb 4cm. Stiff leaf. 40mins north of Brisbane, almost all day under 1% galvanised birdwire."
Gary May ... (var. stricta) "In my collection there are quite a few variations in the ionantha v. stricta group. Size, colour, degree of leaf recurve etc. Here are my medium size, green leaf and silver leaf. Approaching flowering the green leaf remains light green whereas the silver leaf turns a pleasant deep red."

Tillandsia ionantha – a guide to its Cultivars as at January 2020.
Input by Pamela Hyatt, Justin Lee and Derek Butcher.
See also Journal Brom. Soc. 43(4):161. 1993.
T. ionantha has a wide coverage in Derek's DVD. Just one of the notes is called 'Ionantha cultivars' and shows how difficult it is if you lose a label.
Hopefully this table will assist identification by placing all the registered cultivars in one place.
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Apretado BRT
BCR=#14772, photo: Pamela Koide-Hyatt. Bird Rock Tropicals. Slow growing and therefore large at flowering. 12cm high x 6cm wide
Apretado RFI
BCR=#14773, photo: Chris Larson. 1cm to 5cm high x 2cm wide. Rainforest Flora Inc. (See discussions this website 'Apretado')
Aurea Grandis
name used by Isley before changing to Sumo Size White
BCR=#13693, photo: Xiao Kong
Big Hawaiian
BCR=#14921, photo: Jerry Domingo
Big Kahuna
BCR=#15483, photo: Jerry Domingo
Black Beauty
BCR=#14120, photo: C. Sanchez-Mariscal
Black Marmalade
BCR=#14632, photo: Woody Kaotun
Not yet registered, photo: Chris Larson
Charon’s Gem
BCR=#14085, photo: P. Pacharapong, Pachara Orchids
Christmas Flame
BCR=#13233, photo: Pachara Orchids
Found in Mexico.
Christmas Pink
BCR=#13221, photo: Jenny Lynn
N.Ryan, Australia
BCR=#15063, photo: Pachara Orchids
Cone Head
BCR=#8035, photo: Tillandsia International.
Seems different to other pics on BCR ?? (See also this website 'ConeHead')
(Not?) Cone Head
BCR=#8035, photo: Val Honeywood, Aus.
Koide said, "Another large cultivar of unknown origin" (See 'Hand Grenade', 'Pine Cone' and 'Huamelula').
BCR=#10141, photo: Derek Butcher
A form being distributed by the company Corsa SA in Europe and quite widespread and named in Australia
BCR=#13232, photo: Andrew Flower
Andrew Flower in New Zealand
Curly Fountain
BCR=#15727, photo: Kelvin Tan
Cultivated in Singapore.
Curly Leaf
BCR=#15693, photo: Chris Larson
Asia, imported to Aust.
Curly Top
BCR=#10459, photo: Derek Butcher
Bob Hudson
Desert Lights
BCR=#14948, photo: Vic Przetock
Dragon Blood
BCR=#14194, photo: C. Sanchez-Mariscal
Philippines. See also Dragon Fire
Dream Boy
BCR=#13692, photo: Xiao Kong
BCR=#8060, photo: Dennis Cathcart
albino form, Mexico
Fire Up
BCR=#13730, photo: Jasmine Koh
BCR=#8091, photo: Pachara Orchids
from Guatemala, leaves stiffer than v. stricta
Fuego Yellow
BCR=#12733, photo: Hiroyuki Takizawa
see JBS Japan 2014
BCR=#10142, photo: Jane Wu
from Isley 2010 seems similar to Apretado etc
Hand Grenade
BCR=#8105, photo: Dennis Cathcart
from Honduras – Cathcart
BCR=#8107, photo: Jane Wu
name used in Germany - ?Peanut
spare, photo: .
Hawaiian Frost
BCR=#15482, photo: Jerry Domingo
Hawaii. (grex sibling to Hawaiian Orange ?)
Hawaiian Lavender
BCR=#13867, photo: Jerry Domingo
Hawaiian Orange
BCR=#15481, photo: Jerry Domingo
Hawaii. (grex sibling to Hawaiian Frost ?)
Hawaiian Red
BCR=#13678, photo: Jerry Domingo
BCR=#12789, photo: Seth Charoenwong
From Thailand
BCR=#8116, photo: Pamela Koide-Hyatt
= v. maxima
Ice Sorbet
BCR=#15066, photo: Pachara Orchids
Icy Elf
BCR=#15065, photo: Pachara Orchids
Jett's Champion
BCR=#15454, photo: Claudio D Sanchez
La Muerte
BCR=#13390, photo: Jane Wu
Little Velvet
BCR=#14150, photo: Woody Kaotun
Mandarin Gem
BCR=#15064, photo: Pachara Orchids
BCR=#12639, photo: Terry Davis
Probably from Bob Okasaki, Hawaii
Mayan Flame
BCR=#14084, photo: P. Pacharapong, Pachara Orchids
Mayan Pearl
BCR=#14060, photo: P. Pacharapong
Mayan Regal
BCR=#14061, photo: P. Pacharapong
Mayan Totem Pole
BCR=#12648, photo: Pachara Orchids
Mayan Vase
BCR=#14038, photo: P. Pacharapong
Methaporn Delight
BCR=#14495, photo: Warairak Charoenchan
Thailand. Variegated form of ‘Druid’
Mexican Pink
BCR=#13170, photo: Seth Charoenwong
BCR=#15085, photo: Pachara Orchids
Mini Q
BCR=#15854, photo: Mi Mi Lee
Apretado F2, Taiwan.
BCR=#10143, photo: Derek Butcher
named by Bob Hudson of Cairns. AU, for a very small form selected from a seed batch. Flowers at 3cm tall
Minnie White
BCR=#11748, photo: Bob Hudson
Named by Bob Hudson. Has been growing and stable for several years now(BH).
BCR=#12641, photo: Paul Isley
By Isley? links to Gary Hammer as Pachara Predator and the German ‘Kristate’?
BCR=#15880, photo: Hiroyuki Takizawa
Oriental Red
BCR=#14708, Fuego x Druid, China. photo:BCR
Pachara Predator
BCR=#12645, photo: Pachara Orchids
from Taxco Mexico
= v. stricta fa. fastigiata
BCR=#8224, photo:
large form similar to ‘Apretado’, from Bromelifolia, Guatemala. (See also this website 'Penito')
Pine Cone
BCR=#8229, photo: Dennis Cathcart
from Cathcart
Pink Beauty
BCR=#14915, photo: Chris Larson
from Asia
Pink Champagne
ionantha x Druid. N.Ryan Qld, photo Bruce Dunstan
Premium Red
BCR=#15067, photo: Pachara Orchids
BCR=#12731, photo: Paul Isley
Red Rock
BCR=#13391, photo: Joe Zhang
BCR=#8253, photo: -/Chris Larson
variegated form – Other names given which seem only to be a variation in the actual variegation such as ‘variegata’, albomarginata’, and ‘Yuko Johnson’ in Taiwan for an almost albino
BCR=#8253, photo: -/Chris Larson
variegated form – Other names given which seem only to be a variation in the actual variegation such as ‘variegata’, albomarginata’, and ‘Yuko Johnson’ in Taiwan for an almost albino
BCR=#12909, photo: Paul Isley
BCR=#8259, photo: Bob Hudson
= ionantha v. stricta
BCR=#8263, photo: Andrew Flower
from Guatemala – more soft open rosette with a fluffy silver appearance
Ruby Black
BCR=#14631, photo: Woody Kaotun
Scarlet Rose
BCR=#13952, photo: Grant Paterson
Qld – Grant Patterson
Small Mexican
BCR=#8283, photo: Pachara Orchids
from Alfredo Lau in the early 1990’s and widespread at least in Australia & New Zealand. As the name implies, flowers when quite small.
Succulent Form
BCR=#15881, photo: Hiroyuki Takizawa
Sumo Size White
BCR=#10144, photo: Ron Jell
A large white flowered form named by Isley(originally as 'Aurea Grandis')
Supattra's Glitter
P.Pacharapong. Thailand
Super Boy
BCR=#15487, photo: Steve Molnar
Super Frost
BCR=#15487, photo: Jerry Domingo
Tall Velvet
name from Tillandsia International
Totem Pole
BCR=#10145, photo: Benedict Tay
from Isley – a large form similar to ‘Apretado’. Also known as ‘Fuego Totem Pole’
Tuti Fruiti
BCR=#13815, photo: Andrew Flower
NZ Andrew Flower
Two Tone
BCR=#12642, photo: Paul Isley
Possibly a Sport of ‘Fuego’ from Isley
Uncle Vuth Pearl
BCR=#14630, photo: Woody Kaotun
White Knight
BCR=#13932, photo: Bob Hudson
From Holm in Germany. Was known as ‘Alba’
BCR=#8340, photo: Dennis Cathcart as 'Zebrina Mex'
a cultivar with light cross markings on the leaves

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