Tillandsia Penito
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Tillandsia Penito
cv. of ionantha.
Ian Hook, Sydney, 03/08.
Ray Clark 01/17
Ray Clark ... "Chris, you've piqued my interest with your feedback on ionanthas imported into this country. I have penito and fuego amongst others. Pictured is Penito which i picked up at the Adelaide conference in April 2009, seller unknown. What I find interesting is that I have never been able to mount it, it keeps falling over. I hung it a few years ago and it appears to have mutated into two plants, never flowered"
Chris Larson ... "These ones are always a little floppy as they get older…….. I tend to grow them hanging down.
One thing of note with the plants we received under this name is that they do not seem to pup as readily from the base, as is the case with most other forms. Nearly always from on the side not near the base, up the top near the tip, & sometimes they dichotomise at the tip. So this plant is behaving typically.
In some cultural conditions these tend to flower regularly and do not get the size or the length."

Updated 08/01/17