Cryptanthus Jean Nicol
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Cryptanthus Jean Nicol
From BCR ... Vegetative sport off C. 'Glad' with seasonal variegation.
Sport off C. 'Glad' by Jen Nicol, Vic. ~1984
Vic Przetocki 04/22. Parent plant 45cm across. Rather unstable.

Origin of Cryptanthus 'Jean Nicol'
Cryptanthus Society Journal, Vol. 4, no. 3, p32 (1989)
Open Forum Letter by Jean Nicol, Spotswood, Victoria, Australia.
"I have always grown some Cryptanthus ever since I started with bromeliads more than 25 years ago, but never did much good with them. They survived but that was all. My interest in them was kindled in 1982. Bill (my husband) had a trip to Singapore to import some plants, among them a number of Cryptanthus, most of them variegated, with the exception of three ordinary-looking Crypts that we called C. 'Glad' in Australia. I was disappointed because I had a whole heap of them, but potted them up and grew them on anyway. One eventually bloomed and sent up two offsets which proved to be variegated---and to my delight, sent up another nine variegated pups. Fortunately all succeeding generations have remained variegated. All my Crypts are doing well as we have had a long, warm Autumn and they are thriving."

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