Cryptanthus Elaine
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Cryptanthus Elaine
cv. of fosterianus Creech,J. (Cobia Nursery, Florida).
Journal of Brom Soc 29(1): 48. 1979 ... "The introduction of a new variegated bromeliad never fails to create widespread interest among those growers who like to see their favourite plants striped or mottled in a way that deviates from the norm. Such is now the case with the newly introduced Cryptanthus fosterianus 'Elaine.'
When C. fosterianus first entered the bromeliad scene a number of years ago, it created a sensation equal to none. Now this variegated form makes it appearance and immediately has become a highly desired item.
The beautiful pheasant feather-like foliage is enhanced by a border about l/2 inch wide of the most vivid shocking pink. The leaves are approximately 2 inches wide and 12 to 16 inches long and tend to grow upright rather than flat as does C. fosterianus. It is a vigorous grower but needs strong light to maintain its brilliant coloration.
This cryptanthus was developed by Cobia Nursery in Winter Garden, Florida over a period of nine years. It is being distributed by Exotic Bromeliads, Lakeland, Florida, and by Kerry's Nursery, Homestead, Florida."
Ian Hook, Sydney 08/06.

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