Cryptanthus Black Magic
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Cryptanthus Black Magic
Arautiac X Racinae, hybridized by Grace Goode.
The plant with silver banding often labelled Black Magic, is actually Black Mystic.

Black Magic is described in BSI register as : "cv. of 'Arautiac' X 'Racinae' - (Cultivars = 'Red Magic', 'Roseline', 'Silver Delight', 'Silver Lining', 'Silver On Burgundy', 'Silver On Rose', 'So Much' & 'Superb') - Large open round form in satiny black-purple w/red marbling."

Black Magic. Geoff Lawn.
Black Magic. Ian Hook 03/08.
Black Mystic. Ian Hook 03/08.

This is what Geoff Lawn had to say....

This old chestnut won't go away, so much so that the Cryptanthus Society Journal Oct-Dec. 2007 issue featured a 6-page spread with photos defining the differences and the contrasting backgrounds of Cryptanthus 'Black Magic' and C. 'Black Mystic'. Probably the similar names add to the confusion but these 2 cultivars are very distinct from one another. It doesn't help when an Aussie national hardware chain released through their nursery section in many retail branches C. 'Black Mystic' in error as C. 'Black Magic'. This misnaming problem is widespread in Australia, the U.S.A. and also through eBay, Internet and general collections.

To summarise, regardless of rosette shape:
1. The photos you supplied are undoubtedly C. 'Black Mystic', despite what labels say.

2. C. 'Black Mystic'. Striking black/silver crossbanding in medium light, more brownish banding in bright light, but NO MOTTLING/MARBLING NOR LONGITUDINAL STRIPES WHATSOEVER. Probably a selected clone or hybrid of C. zonatus forma fuscus.

3. C. 'Black Magic'. Quoted official parentage of 'Arautiac' x 'Racinae' is probably incorrect, because it's mottling/marbling can be inherited from only 1 species - C. beuckeri, or a hybrid thereof. In medium light, blackish shiny leaves mottled/marbled red, which darken with age, may have faint central longitudinal stripe on each leaf. In bright light, foliage turns more brownish with less pronounced mottling. In low light, and with young pups, the foliage is greener. NO CROSSBANDING WHATSOEVER.

Updated 06/04/08