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2016 Show Highlights (Click thumbnails for Full image).
Photographs: Jill & Brian Abbott

Aechmea flowering
dactylina - Garry Thompson
Aechmea foliage
orlandiana variegate - Geoff Beech
'Karla' - Kyrill Harding
Pot of Neoregelia
‘Macho’ - Geoff Beech

Pot of Neoregelia Clump Miniature
‘Domino’ - Rob Mather
Pot of Neoregelia Variegated
‘Zeppo’ - Jill Abbott
Pot of Billbergia Clump
‘Hallelujah’ - Jill Abbott
Pot of Billbergia Single
‘Pink Piglet’ - Bruce Lee

Tillandsia Specimen Mounted
‘Instant Gratification’ - Chris Larson
Tillandsia Specimen Potted
yunckeri - Chris Larson
Tillandsia Colony
funckiana - Chris Larson
Pot of Vriesea Flowering
‘Highway Beauty’ - Jara Bohac

Pot of Vriesea Foliage
hieroglyphica - Rob Mather
Pot of Vriesea Clump
rubyae - Keely Ough
Pot of Orthophytum
‘Stardust’ - Rob Mather
Pot of Dyckia
Hybrid - Keely Ough

Pot of Guzmania
‘Denise’ variegate - Garry Thompson
Pot of Cryptanthus
‘Rainbow Star’ - Chris Baker
Pot of Nidularium/Canistropsis
Nid. rutilans variegate - Garry Thompson
Pot of Quesnelia
testudo - Chris Baker

Other Genera
Wittrockia gigantea - Kyrill Harding
Pot of Intergeneric
xVrieslandia ‘Marichelle’ - Len Summers
Decorative/Artistic Arrangement
Picture of tectorum - Len Summers
Vertical display
Plant Stand - Jane Baker

Original Bromeliad Artwork
Fountain surrounded by broms - Jill Abbott
Bromeliad Photograph
A. blanchetiana with gecko - Bev Leishman
Neo. ’Lorena Lector’ - Gwenda Eleftheriou

Grand Champion
Alcantarea imperialis - Keely Ough
Reserve Champion
N. ‘Macho’ - Kyrill Harding
President's Special Merit
Ae. ‘Purple Gem’ - Geoff Beech

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Updated 18/02/17