Vrieslandsia Marichelle
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Vrieslandsia Marichelle
Bigeneric cv. of Tillandsia imperialis X Vriesea Favorite, Horwood K., Larson C.
Richard Harper.
David Scott, Reserve Champion, BSA Spring '09. Photo Ken Woods.
Alan Mathew 07/14.
Stephen Morgan 12/16. "10years to flower"
Chris Larson ... "The parents were pollinated by Kevin Horwood in the late 90’s, when I worked with him. He & I discussed likely parents at that time, with the aim of creating a T. imperialis type plant with more vigour – and he did the deed.
Kevin was a very good grower, a hybridiser of many types of plants, and was in charge of the growing of bromeliads at work at the time.
He used T. imperialis from Lau in Mexico & a form of Vr. xpoelmannii we were growing throughout the 80s & 90s (& possibly longer) which we mistakenly called Vr. Favorite. It wasn’t until later that we found that Vr. Favorite was a different hybrid altogether – and what we had been growing under this name was likely a form of Vr. xpoelmannii – or it looked very Vr. poelmannii-ish.
The seedlings were grown under formula. Many were sold under formula before being registered. Kevin was a good nurseryman, & knew many protocols, so I believe that T. imperialis was the mother.
I registered this in the mid 2000s, shortly after they had begun to flower. As I had lost contact with Kevin, it was registered for my daughter Marichelle Pascual.
What we sold, and continue to sell, is a hybrid grex. It is has been noted here before that xVrieslandia Marichelle sometimes has blue flowers and sometimes bicolour flowers."

John Olsen 11/18 - 12/18

Updated 11/04/19