Vriesea kentii
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Vriesea kentii
Species, Peru.
Peter Tristram 09/13
Peter Tristram 09/16
Peter Tristram 09/13 .... "A few years ago Vr. kentii was described and was presented in the March/April 2010 issue of the BSI Journal. Being a TV (pending Tillandsia subgebus Pseudovriesea) freak I took a lot of notice, keeping an eye out. I can assure you all. Some plants were sold at the San Diego world brom conference I gather but that year I went to Brazil. It is a largish plant, about 50 cm across and down. The flower and bract colour make a quite unique colour combination. How wonderful that amazing new species continue to be found all over Latin America! Imagine finding this growing in trees on a trip to Peru. Thankfully Jeffrey (Kent) grew a batch from seed he collected and some of that batch are now Down Under and thriving. I expect it will pup in a similar manner to other TVs like the pendant red tequendamae. I am selfing in hope too."

Updated 22/03/17