Vriesea delicatula
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Vriesea delicatula
Ian Hook 12/18
Herb Plever/jbs223 1994
C. Bromeliario Imperialis 2006
Arquivos de Botanica do Estado de Sao Paulo. L.B.Smith

Vriesea delicatula L. B. Smith, Arq. Bot. S. Paulo II. 1: 58, pi. 76. 1941.
Desc from S&D
Plant flowering 35 cm high.
Leaves many in a dense rosette, to 15 cm long, minutely lepidote on both sides;
Sheaths elliptic, large, reddish;
Blades ligulate, rounded and apiculate, red-spotted, twisted at apex.
Scape erect, very slender, glabrous, slightly exceeding the leaves;
Scape-bracts subfoliaceous, exceeding the internodes.
Inflorescence erect, lax, few-branched, glabrous;
Primary bracts broadly ovate, apiculate, about half as long as the sterile bases of the branches;
Branches suberect, laxly 2-4-flowered;
Rhachis flexuous, very slender.
Floral bracts secund with the flowers, broadly elliptic, acute, to 27 mm long, about equaling the sepals, carinate, strongly incurved toward apex, membranaceous, red;
Flowers spreading;
pedicels slender, 3 mm long.
Sepals narrowly elliptic, obtuse, 23 mm long, membranaceous.
Petals white (Butcher!)
Type. Foster 295 (holotype GH, isotype R), Santa Teresa, Espirito Santo, Brazil, 28 Jul 1939.
DISTRIBUTION. Espirito Santo, Brazil.
BRAZIL. ESPIRITO SANTO: Jetiba, 29 Dec 1964, A. Seidel 553 (HBR).

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