Vriesea Van Ackeri
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Vriesea Van Ackeri
jonghei x Van Geertii, by Van Acker.
*Note: not yet flowered.
From 'Uncle Derek Says' on FCBS.."In 1930 M.J.Van Acker, after having taken over the nursery of his father-in-law M.L.Poelman, had made numerous crossings and seed propagations of Vrieseas. In that year he displayed a group of these at the Centennial Exposition in Ghent. To one with a branched inflorescence he gave the name Vriesea ' Van Ackeri'. Here is our first clue. 'Van Ackeri' is compound, ruling out the plant that circulated in Australia in the early nineties with a simple dark red, almost purple, sword shaped spike from the Brisbane Bromeliad Centre."
Ian Hook 08/08. From Timothy Tse (i.e. dating to the '90's).

Updated 22/11/08