Vriesea Shiraz
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Vriesea Shiraz
platynema x saundersii by ? <1995. Registered by P.Huddy.
From the "Bromeliad Cultivar Registry"...
"Mature rosette to 60cms. diameter, flowering to 90cms high. Has never shown signs of variegation in 20 years cultivation in S.A. Although this has the reverse parentage to that reported for the variegated ‘RoRo’ there appears to be great similarity and thus similar origins. Glyph Group Reg. Doc. 11/2011 by M Butcher 'Highway', Highway Beauty', 'RoRo' and 'Shiraz' all closely linked. - See article under 'Highway Beauty'
Country of origin: South Australia"

See also Detective Derek article DD0412.

Derek Butcher 04/12.

Updated 25/04/12