Vriesea RoRo
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Vriesea RoRo
cv. of saundersii x platynema, named by P.Huddy, Adelaide. Named for his daughters nickname.
See also Detective Derek article DD0412.

Photo Ian Hook, at BSA show 05/04.
Derek Butcher 04/12.

VRIESEA RORO by P. Huddy (a variegated plant)
parents saundersii x platynema
PLANT stemless, 300-350mm high, 850-950rnm high including inflorescence.
LEAVES about 30-35, forming an arched, open, rosette 750-800mm diameter, 550mm long.
SHEATH 80-85mm wide, 100mm long, round taper to blade.
BLADE 460mm long, 55mm wide, short round taper to pronounced spike, discolour, red on reverse, either variegated or albo marginated, fine scrawly lines in transmitted light.
SCAPE erect, 400mm long. 10mm diameter, red.
SCAPE BRACTS 60 mm long, with long sharp tip, red, tight to scape between internodes, then standing out at 45.
INFLORESCENCE erect, 500mm long, compound, long, open feather, with 4-8 side spikes, each 200mm long, 60mm wide, with 10-12 flowers each, 15mm internodes, lower 2 or 3 standing slightly clear of scape, terminal spike 250-300mm long, with 15-20 flowers, last flower sterile on all spikes.
PRIMARY BRACTS red, 50-55mm long, with sharp tip, to base of first flower.
FLORAL BRACTS red, 25-30mm long, with blunt tip.
SEPALS yellow, 15mm longer than bracts, exposed 30mm on top edge.
STAMEN & PISTIL equal in length, same length as petals.

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