Unknown 111-120
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#112, 10/2019 Neoregelia. 80cm diam. sharp spines. Growing in tree fork at 1m in dense palm garden Castle Hill. Looks like N. DeRolf.
#113, 25/09/20 estate of Susan Brines. All 4 bits on big block of wood.
#114, 25/09/20 estate of Susan Brines. Love Knot ?? Peter Tristram thinks possibly a capitata form.
#115, 25/09/20 estate, rodrigueziana? ID by Terry Davis when just in bud. Twisted up(quite long) red/brown.
#115, 12/12/20, 40cm inflorescence
#115, 12/12/20. Peter Tristram & others think this is T. novakii
Peter Tristram ... "I agree with Justin Lee. I wonder how long ago the collector obtained the novakii as it was a rare plant for ages with the few around coming from Len Colgan, ex Mr Novak, if I remember correctly."
#116, 25/09/20 estate, very large, 1 spent flower 1 in bud, split into 7.
#116, 25/09/20. Peter Tristram says "rodigueziana complex species I imported years ago which Pam of BRT might recognise".
#116, 25/09/20 estate, ID of NOT juncea by Terry Davis. Peter Tristram thinks bartramii complex?

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