Tillandsia yuncharaensis
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Tillandsia yuncharaensis (fragrant)

Ray Clark 10/14
??? Chris Larson 12/17*
Bruce Dunstan 01/18*
Ray Clark 10/14 ... "The plant has had a flower spike for about six months and had only recently bloomed."
Len Colgan ... "... and it has a nice fragrance which appealed to the public at our sales weekend. I imagine it is not common."
Derek Butcher ... "I think you got an offset from me and mine has never performed. One with this name has flowered white with blue spots, as Len can confirm, to add to the confusion."
Len Colgan ... "Derek is referring to the other plant I collected and I refer to as T. aff yuncharaensis. I collected it a few kilometres from Yunchara, and there is a possibility it might be a natural hybrid with T. xiphioides as the other parent. Who knows? I have distributed a few of them, including one to Eric Gouda who successfully flowered it. It is also fragrant."
Eric Gouda, Curator Utrecht University Botanic Gardens. ... "I think I got a plant like this from Len. It flowered with white petals and blue margins, very nice, but only flowered once."

Len Colgan 12/17 ... "Chris, T. yuncharaensis has purple flowers. Is that possibly the plant BOL #5 with white flowers, occasionally speckled with a tiny bit of violet, that I collected near Yunchara? I call it T. aff. yuncharaensis ?"
Bruce Dunstan 01/18 ... "Only one flower on this plant. The pale petals suggest T. aff. yuncharaensis reading on the Till disc."

* Ed. Nov.2018 ... Note: the T. aff. yuncharaensis has now been registered as T. 'Tojo'.

Updated 23/03/18