Tillandsia x nidus
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Tillandsia x nidus
cv. of fasciculata X ionantha - Natural hybrid, Mexico
Parentage ? See Detective Derek article DD1209 for further detail.
Ken Woods 11/04.
Peter Tristram 10/14.
Peter Tristram ... "This x nidus is a very attractive, large, thin-leafed form I came across in Germany at a sale of an older collector’s plants. Nidus is generally regarded as fasciculata x ionantha though, with the dividing up of fasciculata and the many similar species, I imagine fasciculata or look-a-like would be more the story."
Geoff Lawn, BCR Registrar ... "Your x nidus is indeed different to the BCR entry and photo of T. 'Hals Nidus' (linked to Victorian pioneer grower Hal Ellis) so we need to update Derek's article with comments that the differences between the two forms are not known."

Rob Bower 10/17 ex. Bob Hudson
Rob Bower 09/20 ex. Bob Hudson
Chris Larson ... "Rob: Yours does indeed look like T. x nidus. There are a number of forms around. T. Hal's Nidus is totally different."

Updated 30/01/21