Tillandsia xerographica X brachycaulos
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Tillandsia xerographica X brachycaulos
Same parentage listed on BCR as T. Betty by Paul Isley
This one seems different and provenance is unknown.
John Olsen 12/19 as xerographica X brachycaulos ex. Stan W.
Chris Larson 11/20
Chris Larson 12/19 ... "I got one of these from Stan Walkley (Sunshine Coast) earlier in the year. Stan said he'd had it for years. I thought the plant itself looked brilliant - even better in flower.
I reckon it needs a name."
Chris Larson 11/20 ... "Stan's T. xerographica X brachycaulos. I know I've said it before. It deserves a name. (It's a different leaf to my T. Betty - with the same parents)."
John Olsen 12/20 as xerographica X brachycaulos ex. Stan W.

Updated 06/12/20