Tillandsia welzii
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Tillandsia welzii
Peter Tristram 08/11 ex. LK
Peter Tristram 10/17 ex. Halle BG
Peter Tristram 08/11 ... "T. vicentina got me thinking Guatemala so compare this plant, obtained as T. welzii from Lydia, to some of the vicentinas floating around. The obvious basic difference is the lack of frosting but the shape is similar to some. It seems to be OK for welzii, but different to Derekís plant which is more like a stumpy rodrigueziana in the foliage. It was compared with fascic v clavispica and rodrigueziana though I suppose Iíll have to pull a flower apart and check the dimensions. The plant is well over 50cm tall too. I have another plant labelled welzii from Germany, ex Halle BG, with a similar shape but even finer foliage. It might bloom next year."
Peter Tristram 10/17 ... "During winter the plant I obtained from Halle BG as T. welzii bloomed.
In 2011 I posted pics of T. welzii obtained from Lydia and in 2008, from Derek.
Confusing! Ė only the 2008 one is on Derek's dvd and I donít think it qualifies as welzii. The plants from Lydia (LK in my file names), that both Chris Larson and I have bloomed, pup well and have been distributed widely. They look to have some affinity with the vicentina group too so maybe deserve 'aff'. The latest one to bloom is from Halle BG and looks just like the first pic (and some others) in the dvd - from Renate. It keys perfectly too. Along with the chooks, the vicentina and rodrigueziana groups and many others, itís all pretty confusing. Then, again, identifying many Till species is confusing, if not impossible, so we use aff. and cf. liberally.
As you can see, Ďnext yearí took a while to come after 2011. Itís a slow grower!"

Updated 20/11/17