Tillandsia walteri
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Tillandsia walteri
Tillandsia walterivar. herrerae, previously known as species Tillandsia herrerae

Greg Jones 12/13
Greg Jones - "The leaves are powdery Catopsis looking with reddish markings around the edges when grown in good light."

Derek Butcher - "From what you say and your photo I would say this is var. herrerae but others who are aware of where Mick collected it may have other opinions."

Chris Larson - "When I was there all of the plants from the south – I think they started (at least from the ones I spotted) around Ayacucho down to Pisac, very near to Cusco – all had mauve bracts.
I was very surprised when Mick's & Peter's photos had red bracts – and were all from northen Peru – though Mick had pictures (with mauve bracts) from Pisac as well."

Peter Tristram - "Likewise and this one looks to be orange bracted so from the north. Mine, from 2003, died unfortunately so it’s good to see it alive.
We used to get some from Knize and Mick probably brought some back in 2004.
They grew under tough conditions in the higher Andes."

Updated 24/07/14