Tillandsia walter-richteri
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Tillandsia walter-richteri
Len Colgan 10/09.
Stephen Haines 09/15.
Pam Butler 10/18. First flowering.
Len Colgan - "Species from Southern Bolivia.
It is the first time I have flowered T. walter-richteri. I must say that the inflorescence is very much like T. tenuifolia, but the leaves are different.
Walter Till once told me that he believes T. walter-richteri is a natural hybrid between T. argentina and T. tenuifolia. We know that T. argentina is a promiscuous little thing, and so his assertion could very well be correct.
It came from Lotte Hromadnik who collected it at the type location.
However Derek Butcher had some doubts of this name when compared to original description."
Stephen Haines - "First time flowering for me, nice little plant from Heidelberg Botanical Gardens via Peter Tristram."

Updated 25/01/19