Tillandsia vicentina
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Tillandsia vicentina
Ken Woods 12/05
Chris Larson 06/09.
From Chris Larson : "A few differences to T. vicentina – which has leaves equaling the inflorescence. Also this one stands 70 cm tall and the leaves are approx 35cm long. Not many survived gassing, this is the first one in flower. Also one had much wider leaves – so maybe they grow even bigger – or maybe it is something different – we’ll see. Oh, from Guatemala of course."

From Peter Tristram : "Similar to the ones I used to get and probably still have a couple, with the long scapes that sometimes decurve but basically all T. vicentina. I’ll look around tomorrow and see what’s in flower in that range to compare. Most are pink but I have one form that is quite orange – is this also?"

Greg Jones 08/11
Ray Clark 09/17
From Greg Jones : "This is the first T. vicentina I have flowered, and quite surprised by how large the inflorescence is. This clone from Chris Larson and has grown strongly, unlike another clone that is strugling."

Updated 12/10/17