Tillandsia variabilis
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Tillandsia variabilis
Ken Woods 08/04.
Ian Hook 09/05.
Mark Supple 12/13 ex-Gary May.
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Stephen Hains 11/15. Actually chlorophyla ?
Peter Tristram 06/17
Stephen Haines 10/11/15. "Sourced from Peter Tristram. From Gruber in Colombia as T. variabilis"
Eric Gouda 11/11/15. "No, not variabilis, which is not that nicely coloured and only few spiked with longer spikes."
Peter Tristram 11/11/15. "The Gruber plant .... I have bloomed quite a few now and they vary a lot (Franz called them variablilis!). They seem a lot closer to chlorophylla, as Eric said, but some have long branches like variabilis. He said they are from Colombia but I think he got them from Guatemala. Iíll look for photos Iíve taken.
Peter Tristram ... "The attached pic is of a more normal T. variabilis (H.E.L.ís id) that Iíve had for yonks but is slow and very cold sensitive. Itís inflorescence makes up for the crappy-looking foliage. No good for backyard Vic!"

NOTE: The T. variabilis "alba" below has now been registered. See T. Cartago on this website.
Steve Molnar 06/17
Steve Molnar ... "This is one I got from Neville Ryan a year or two ago, and it is finally big enough to flower. I'm liking the look of this plant due to it's lush green leaves and now these crisp white flowers. I just hope it seeds just as well as the regular variety."
Peter Tristram ... "One Ďalbaí that I donít have! Neat plant too. Did Nev grow it from seed?"
Chris Larson ... "This is my normal form Ė and I quite like it. Though green plant, green spike, & white flower donít make it stand out. How much of this one do you want? Not sure where Collector's Corner got it Ė but it produces seed and germinates like crazy, and comes up in pots amongst my collection in the heated houses. Could have been from Rolly Reilly or from o/s. Doesnít like the weather here at home, though. That makes short work of it!"
Steve Molnar ... "I'm happy to keep it growing up here as it seems to love the climate. I cannot seem to find it in the regular places. Is this one registered or anything? Just want to make sure I have the name right."

Updated 27/08/17