Was Tillandsia umbellata
Now Wallisia lindeniana
(See DD02/17: for all new (DNA resolved) species & Cultivars.)
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Wallisia lindeniana
Please note the discussion on T. lindenii pages !
Species. Ecuador.
Ian Hook, BSA show 05/04.
Ken Woods 10/04.
Grant Paterson. 6 Flowers, 65mm across 08/11.
Peter Tristram 11/11. From Kent's.
Peter Tristram ... "I have a few forms of it and, though having their differences, all are like miniature T. lindenii with much fewer leaves, a 15-30cm spike with 4-8 large, blue flowers with a white centre. They all clump well and grow best potted, in quiet low light with regular, weak (180ppm tds nutrient) foliage feeding. They hate hot bright conditions. Grow them with the species Guzmanias!

Ian Cook 08/16 as T. lindenii 'White Eye'.
Ian Cook ... "I have been informed that my till labelled lindenii "White Eye" may in fact be T. umbellata.
Factors suggested are that lindenii is much larger than my plant and lindenii has a pink colour in the bract. Photos of my plant attached.
My plant is in a 5 inch pot and around 12 inches in diameter, leaf tip to tip. It stands 6 inches tall from top of substrate. The flower structure is 1 inch tall and 2 inches in diameter.
It now has slight red striation in the bract and base of leaves. The bract striation was more prominent prior to producing this first flower. Photo of bract taken in late June.
The colour of the emerging flower is a royal blue (almost purple) with the fully deployed flower being a rich blue with a white stripe on each petal. The base of the flower is white."

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