Tillandsia tricolor
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Tillandsia tricolor
"tricolor as complanata" (from Derek Butcher)
"tricolor as xiphostachys" (from Derek Butcher)
tricolor as grown by Derek Butcher 09/12

It has been suggested on the Tillandsia discussion group,
that the branched picture on this page would be better described as Tillandsia botteri

Ken Woods 12/07 (T. botteri ?)
Ken Woods 11/09 (T. botteri ?)

Tillandsia tricolor var. picta
For a while f. picta was synonymous with tricolor var. tricolor
It is now returned to a valid taxon as T. tricolor var. picta
Ken Woods, labelled f. picta 11/06
Ken Woods, labelled 'Large form' 11/09 (T. botteri ?)

Tillandsia tricolor var. melanocrater
Note: T. tricolor var. melanocrater has now been raised to species level as T. melanocrater
(Left Plant) Ian Hook, Sydney, 09/06
Ken Woods, Sydney, 12/06
Ken Woods 09/09

Updated 22/07/17