Tillandsia tecpanensis
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Tillandsia tecpanensis

Chris Larson 07/13. From Guatemala via Europe. One of the vicentina group split off with itsí own identity.
Chris Larson 11/14. From a different source, possibly smaller.
Peter Tristram 11/14
Ray Clark 08/17
Both Chris's and Peter's 2014 plants were from a batch from Feldhoff.
They grew with some mixture of sizes and form, leading them both to re-examine the differential (below) with T. vicentina and those recieved labelled T. vicentina 'Giant'.
Ray Clark ... "It grows much like vicentina, I keep it coolish in the summer and protected to some degree from the rain in winter, so far so good."

"The plant (tecpanensis) differs from T. vicentina Standl. var. wuelfinghoffii E. Gross, in the following characters:
Leaves much longer, sheaths 10 cm long (instead of 5-7 cm), blades up to 35 cm long (instead of 20 cm), above the sheaths 2.5-3 cm wide (instead of 1.5 cm), peduncle bent over, not erect, inflorescence longer: long-cylindric, 15-30 cm long (instead of short-cylindric, 10-15 cm long), much laxer with spreading spikes, internodes between the spikes longer, sheaths of primary bract shorter, only about half as long as the spikes (instead of slightly shorter than the spikes), the spikes longer, up to 6.5 cm long (instead of 3-4 cm), floral bracts longer, up to 2.6 cm long (instead of 2 cm), slightly carinate (instead of sharply carinate), sepals longer, up to 2.6 cm (instead of 1.6 cm), petals longer, up to 5.3 cm (instead of 3 cm)."

Updated 26/09/17