Tillandsia sucrei
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Tillandsia sucrei
Ken Woods 02/05
Peter Tristram 10/13
Peter Tristram 10/14
Peter Tristram 10/13...."These two lovely red-flowering Brazilian specimens are not the typical forms of the species, T. chapeuensis and T. sucrei. Both came from the Heidelberg collection. The sucrei is a monster compared to the Ďnormalí forms we have here and I have seen all over the world. Details from the HBG datatbase are below.
T. sucrei: Provenance: Brasilien, Est. Rio de Janeiro, Serra dos ”rg„nos (Orgelgebirge), nahe Rio de Janeiro,, 1400 - 1600 m
Collector: Reinhold Thieken. Source: Reinhold Thieken (Triberg), 30.03.1973"

Peter Tristram 10/14...."Many of you will have bloomed the little red Brazilians over the winter months and the last to bloom for me is always the delightful T. sucrei. For such a small plant it has a monster inflorescence! This year is a real treat as all of my forms are in bloom, so lots of pollinating to get true sucrei seed too (and a few hybrids). The smaller form in the photo with the 2 plants is the one sucrei collectors all have, which was imported at least 30 years ago. The larger one I obtained from Goettingen Botanical Garden in Germany and is blooming for the first time. It is even larger than the other large form I have, also from a German BG, that I posted last year, and also in bloom. The flowers on the Goettingen plant are much paler than all of the other forms too and I have heard there is an alba form as well, though Iíd have to go to Germany to have any hope of being at the right place at the right time to get a piece.
T. sucrei seems easy to grow on the east coast so I wonder how southern and western growers go with it? Itís natural habitat is smack bang in the middle of Rio, so very different to where something like T. yuncharaensis originates.

Stephen Haines 11/18 Hunter Valley

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