Tillandsia streptophylla
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Tillandsia streptophylla
Ken Woods.
Ian Hook, Sydney 02/05.
Terry Davis, BSA 3rd Open 02/10.
Adam Bodzioch 02/13
Chris Larson 06/14
Adam Bodzioch 11/15
Gary May 11/17
Bob Hudson 10/18
Gary May ... "Slowly my red streppies are getting closer to flowering. This one is the strongest colour. Most of the others are more of a darker maroon colour. I have a few growing and they all came from one seed pod from a normal streptophylla. With some luck I can get some more seed once this flowers next year, failing that, I guess offsets will be my only choice. It grows in strong light, 50% black shadecloth along the roof of the shadehouse, right alongside all of my normal coloured streppies.
I think I sent one of the darker maroon coloured ones to VB Bob a couple of years ago, hopefully he still has it. When I get sufficient quantities of them I will release some.
It is quite a striking sight."
Bob Hudson ... "Here is a nice T. streptophylla it is a little different to the norm as it has papery leaves not the thick fleshy leaves of the usual form."

Updated 28/01/19