Tillandsia stoltenii
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Tillandsia stoltenii
Peter Tristram 11/18
Peter Tristram ... "This unusual species was written up in Die Bromelie a few years ago. I obtained one from Heidelberg BG (from Timm Stolten of course) with the then hybrid formula and thereís a fair bit about it in the DVD. One or two have been auctioned over the years and I wonder where it/they is/are? The hot days a few weeks ago seem to have aborted the flowering unfortunately but itís still a very attractive little beauty. Note this one has a multi-branched spike."
Eric Gouda ... "That is what it does for me, never opens up, so I still think it is a hybrid, but I will test the pollen germinating rate next time it is flowering."
Peter Tristram ... "Yes, that was the original thinking, then the other similar specimens were discovered as per the article in Die B. I was hoping to obtain at least one to compare but our quarantine service thought it better to make it impossible to import from Europe. Have you examined any of the other material? Iíll keep an eye on my plants to see if any flowers open."

Updated 04/04/19