Tillandsia sphaerocephala

Tillandsia sphaerocephala
Len Colgan 06/17
Len Colgan ... "This species is quite widespread around Bolivia, with differences in form as expected.
Please find attached three images. The first is somewhat similar to most of the Bolivian plants, with variations.
The second is the form T. sphaerocephala var tarijensis. What few people know is that the type specimen came from the same canyon as T. colganii (2800m), although I collected the one in the picture from quite a distance away in Muyuquiri (3200m). A nicer form with a bit of a stem!
However, the bobby-dazzler was the third much larger plant, collected further north at Aiquile (2300m). Wow! It grew in trees, whereas the majority probably grow on rocks."

Rob Bower ... "I think this is sphaerocephala. (Ed. photo not available)"
Derek Butcher ... "Nope. Looks like the Guatemalan "sphaerocephala" to me. In other words riohondoensis. Do the stamens exsert?"
Chris Larson ... "All over the country (here) as T. sphaerocepha because, as Derek says, the Guatemalans export it as such. Anyone with sphaerocephala should compare it with the variable T. riohondoensis and if it looks like riohondoensis, it most probably is. While T. sphaerocephala is around, IMHO there are more plants of riohondoensis masquerading in Aussie collections under that wrong name than there is of the true sphaerocephala."

Updated 07/09/18