Tillandsia seideliana
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Tillandsia seideliana
Ken Woods 11/05.
Derek Butcher 12/12. (ex KW 2002.)
George Nieuwenhoven 10/17, as seideliana (Probably T. Purple Razz).
Andrew Flower NZ, 10/17
George Nieuwenhoven 10/17 ... "this seideliana is in flower at the moment, it could easily pass for a form of aeranthos"
Andrew Flower ... "I don't think your plant looks like T. seideliana - compare Renate's photo on the DVD and attached pics of what we grow here as T. seideliana.
The petals on your plant do not extend very far compared to T. seideliana, the petals are not coiled back enough, and the leaves are too broad - more like a hybrid in the aerathos/tenuifolia range maybe."
Chris Larson ... "I was just taking a photo of Purple Razz when George’s email came through. A bit of a coincidence as T. Purple Razz is supposed to be T. aeranthos x seideliana.
I think that I was talking to Barry & he said that the hybrid was probably identical to the form of T. seideliana that was used and that it was probably not a hybrid. Does this mean that the seed parent was T. seideliana – the reverse of the stated cross?
A beautiful plant whatever it is."

Updated 24/11/17