Tillandsia schiedeana
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Tillandsia schiedeana
Note: Tillandsia schiedeana ssp. glabrior has been moved to species status.
* 12/2009There has been discussion among "The Till Nuts" over petal colour of schiedeana.
As well as review of the older "Major" and "Minor" classification.
Have different but similar species been too readily "lumped" together ? Are the plants in cultivation all pure species plants ?
Reported with Yellow, Green, and bi-coloured petals, and two distinct(?) sizes.

*09/2012 - Derek Butcher has now attempted to unravel these question. See DD0912

Ian Hook, Sydney 09/02.
Ian Hook, Sydney 12/06, from Bromeliad Garden Nursery. Bi-coloured petals?

Ian Hook, Sydney 12/09, from old collection of Cliff Norden*. Single colour petals?
Vic Przetocki 11/18 I like this form that I bought from Bunnings. Assume it came from Paradisia. Lots more leaves than the schiedeana that I have been growing for many years.

See Detective Derek DD0912 for discussion of the following.
1. schiedeana as eggersii herb US
2. schiedeana as vestita herb B
3. schiedeana as flavescens herb P
4. schiedeana as caerulea herb K
5. schiedeana herb Hinton10133 K.jpg
6. schiedeana herb P
7. schiedeana CG2
8. schiedeana CG4
9. schiedeana CU
10. schiedeana ex Hudson
11. schiedeana major 004
12. schiedeana major 006

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