Tillandsia scaposa
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Tillandsia scaposa
Formerly T. ionantha var scaposa, then "tangled" with T. kolbii, now species status T. scaposa.
Now considered NOT the same as T. kolbii.
Derek Butcher ..."40 years ago everybody knew what a T. ionantha looked like and if you were lucky you may have had a T. ionantha var. scaposa, which needed more shade than your tough old T. ionantha and came from Guatemala. The other difference was the inflorescence, which is nestled in the leaf rosette for T. ionantha but raised for the variety scaposa."
Please see articles and pictures of T. ionantha, T. kolbii this website.
Particularly note Detective Derek's article DD0511
and DD1008 "Natural Hybrids" for the T. kolbii connection.

From Derek Butcher. 1993 jbs 190.
Derek Butcher. See -
Detective Derek DD0511.
Chris Larson* 06/17
Chris Larson ... "The first is what I would call a typical Guatemalan T. scaposa, the second is a more solid form with thicker, greener leaves."

Updated 23/06/17