Tillandsia rusbyi
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Tillandsia rusbyi
Species from Bolivia & Peru.
Chris Larson 11/12. (probably T. barthlottii)
Herbarium specimens. Thanks to Derek Butcher 11/12.
Greg Jones 11/17 ex. Chris Larson (also T. barthlottii ?)
Chris Larson 11/12... "Iíve just flowered this lovely plant from Jeffrey Kent. Native to Peru & Bolivia. Peter T. posted one a while ago, but this is my current favourite plant in flower. For a size ref, I think the pot is around 3Ē wide.
I canít find my photos of a flowering T. barthlottii at present, but I agree with Peter Ė this Ecuadorian plant is very similar to T. rusbyi. The only superficial differences between the plants that I have of each of these species are in size & the stiffness of the foliage. Check the photos on the disc & see if you think they look different."

Derek Butcher 11/12..."Chris, you are right in saying that your plant is close to T. barthlottii because I think it is. See DVD where Rauh went to great lengths to point out the differences between the two species. see attached. But when you look at the herbarium specimens of so called synonyms you start to wonder.

Ed. 07/14 ... See also notes on this website for T. barthlottii

Updated 18/01/18