Tillandsia rubro-violacea
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Tillandsia rubro-violacea
Collected by Rauh 1975 in southern Ecuador, 1300m. Dry climate.
Peter Tristram 02/11.
From Peter Tristram - "I obtained a large plant of T. rubro-violacea from Timm Stolten at Heidelberg, collected by Rauh in South Ecuador in 1975. I also bought a smaller one from a collector which bloomed last year much smaller. It was compared to T. reuteri from Peru but, vegetatively, they are poles apart, though the inflorescences share some striking characters, especialy the bract shape and deep purple tips. The branches will elongate about another 10cm I expect. T. rubro-violacea is certainly a highly ornamental plant and long-lasting as last year’s bloom still has colour and a few new flowers. No doubt hybridisers would be interested! I am seeing if it will self too."
Stephen Haines 01/16

Updated 27/02/17