Tillandsia romeroi var. gruberi
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Tillandsia romeroi var. gruberi

Peter Tristram 06/15
Bruce Dunstan 06/15
Peter Tristram ... "I used to have this species years ago, imported from Colombia and the US, all ex Franz Gruber of course. Well, last year, when Michael, Chris and I visited Franz, one plant we were on the look-out for was this baby. Quarantine and summer wiped out a few but what remains is healthy and stunning. Given it originates at 2800 m itís wonderful to see it doing so well. My plants spent summer in front of a misting system designed to keep the greenhouse below 36C, usually lower but summer here was damned hot, but I donít think the current cold snap will make it flinch."
Bruce Dunstan ... "These are at exactly the same stage of maturity as Peter's pictures, with their first flowers emerging. I might be back in that neck of the woods in a months time so will keep a better eye out for it again. This was just over the hill from Yarumal on the northern slopes of the Cordillera Central at around 2200 - 2300m."

Updated 19/11/16