Tillandsia reuteri
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Tillandsia reuteri
Peter Tristram 12/11, approx 70cm diam.
Chris Larson 12/14. From Amazonian side of Andes in Nth Peru ~1800m.
Chris Larson 01/16
Chris Larson 01/16 ... "This plant has been in the kitchen for months. It lasts a good while. I have had one in the greenhouse unheated over the last winter so it is hardy.
I posted a pic of this plant last year which did not have this colour at that time. It can, like other Peruvian tillandsias, continue to spike over 2 seasons. This is what happened to the one that produced the dead spike on the bench. The latest flowering plant here has produced a flower at a much smaller size, and therefore it has not flowered with as many branches or as large as some others Iíve flowered previously."
John Olsen 12/18

Updated 17/04/19