Tillandsia recurvispica
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Tillandsia recurvispica
Peter Tristram 11/14. From Lotte H.
Peter Tristram 11/14. From Holm.
Chris Larson 10/18
Peter Tristram ... "A couple of years ago I managed to purchase some new species from Lotte, one being the recently described T. recurvispica, which was featured in Die Bromelie. I nearly missed its blooming as it was in a rather hidden but bright and airy spot. It is so similar to another interesting one that I conjectured could be this species, that I got from Holm. Chris Larson has posted pics of it too. Both are in the attached photos. The Holm plant is larger though but more in keeping with the description. It is also possible that the labels got mixed up in quarantine."
Peter Tristram ... "A nice little plant flowering at the moment. The disc says closely related to T. gerdae & T. boliviensis."

Updated 01/01/19