Tillandsia recurvifolia var. subsecundifolia
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Tillandsia recurvifolia var. subsecundifolia
Species, Brazil.
See also T. leonamiana, these two plant labels are often swapped, partivularly in US and other imports.
Ian Hook, Sydney 08/04, from BSA sales 08/04. (Possibly recurvifolia)
Ian Hook, Sydney 08/04, from BSA sales 08/04.
IKH Sydney 09/04.
Ken Woods.
Ken Woods, Red form.
George Nieuwenhoven 05/12 (Blue flowers ??)
Nanette Collingwood 08/16
Peter Tristram 09/15 ex. Lotte as leonamiana
Peter Tristram 09/15 ex. Holm as leonamiana
Chris Larson 10/18 "Note slight blue tinge"
Peter Tristram ... "It is an interesting story regarding these two 'species'. Basically anything sold in the US as leonamiana we tend to grow as recurvifolia v subsecundifolia.
The Americans registered their hybrids parenting leonamiana. All very confusing.
In Germany I have obtained two very different plants as leonamiana. One, from Holm, looks like recurvifolia v subsecundifolia but with pinkish bracts and blue flowers and the other, from Lotte, looks more like stricta with speckled bluish flowers. Lotte's plants vary a bit so I assume they are seed-grown and are referenced to A. Blass Linz 5/1997, her code 810. I am sure the bract colours of both plants would intensify if grown in more direct light - these have been grown in my white plastic Till tunnel."
Bruce Dunstan 12/18
Chris Larson 08/20 (blue tinge)
Chris Larson ... "There are a few forms of recurvifolia v subsecundifolia around. Some I wonder about being true as Isleys plants were not consistent - though the vast majority conformed to what I would consider T. recurvifolia v subsecundifolia.
Many of what is around were from a large batch we got from Isley in 2006. Though Peter Tristram had bought them in earlier, as well as others I assume.
Amongst the Isley batch, which were seedlings, were a couple of obvious hybrids. But some had these light mauve flowers - very similar in appearance to the one on the disc (under T. leonamiana) that Brent pulled out of shipment over 10 years previous to our Isley imports.
Anyway I'm thinking my plants are just blue flowered forms of T. recurvifolia v subsecundifolia - or a possible hybrid."
Dale Dixon 08/20

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