Tillandsia recurvifolia var. subsecundifolia
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Tillandsia recurvifolia var. subsecundifolia
Species, Brazil.
See also T. leonamiana, these two plant labels are often swapped, partivularly in US and other imports.
Ian Hook, Sydney 08/04. (Possibly recurvifolia)
Ian Hook, Sydney 09/04.
Ken Woods.
Ken Woods, Red form.
George Nieuwenhoven 05/12 (Blue flowers ??)
Nanette Collingwood 08/16
Peter Tristram 09/15 ex. Lotte as leonamiana
Peter Tristram 09/15 ex. Holm as leonamiana
Chris Larson 10/18 "Note slight blue tinge"
Peter Tristram ... "It is an interesting story regarding these two 'species'. Basically anything sold in the US as leonamiana we tend to grow as recurvifolia v subsecundifolia.
The Americans registered their hybrids parenting leonamiana. All very confusing.
In Germany I have obtained two very different plants as leonamiana. One, from Holm, looks like recurvifolia v subsecundifolia but with pinkish bracts and blue flowers and the other, from Lotte, looks more like stricta with speckled bluish flowers. Lotte's plants vary a bit so I assume they are seed-grown and are referenced to A. Blass Linz 5/1997, her code 810. I am sure the bract colours of both plants would intensify if grown in more direct light - these have been grown in my white plastic Till tunnel."
Bruce Dunstan 12/18

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