Tillandsia recurvifolia (was meridionalis)
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Tillandsia recurvifolia was called Tillandsia meridionalis
Ken Woods.
Ian Hook 05/05.
George Nieuwenhoven 05/12 (var. subsecundifolia?)
Rob Bower 06/17
Peter Tristram 07/17
Peter Tristram ... "I nearly forgot to get a shot of this clump of T. recurvifolia in bloom before it was too late. It was imported in the early Ď80s as T. meridionalis and has been rarely touched over the many years. You need to work recurvifolia to get lots of pups, or grow it from seed. Because itís generally a winter bloomer itís rarely in bloom for the shows and sales, so clump it did. There are quite a few foliage forms of this great species around too - small, large, secund, open but all have pink bracts and white flowers."
Bruce Dunstan 07/18

Updated 17/11/18