Tillandsia pseudomacbrideana
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Tillandsia pseudomacbrideana Rauh
Chris Larson 02/19

TILLANDSIA PSEUDOMACBRIDEANA Rauh Sp. nova Trop Subtrop Pflanz 53: 26-9. 1985

PLANT - Short stemmed, leaves numerous, spirally arranged.
LEAF SHEATH - Not clearly evident, 1cm high, 2-2.2cm wide, pale brown.
LEAF BLADE - Thin triangular, long attenuate, spreading wide to reflexed, to 18cm long, 2cm wide, channelled, dense grey scaled.
FLOWER STEM - Exceeds the leaves or shorter, erect to weakly bent, to 15cm long, 0.5cm thick, green, lepidote, densely enclosed by leaflike scape bracts.
SCAPE BRACTS - The top ones with longer, more adjacent, sheaths and shorter to 3cm long, filiform, reddish brown, dense lepidote blade.
INFLORESCENCE- Bent over, simple or bipinnate. Apart from the central spike there are a further two short, to 5cm long, short stemmed side spikes.
PRIMARY BRACTS - Broad-oval, acuminate, to 3.5cm long, 2cm wide, reddish brown, dense white scaled.
CENTRAL SPIKE - To 8cm long, 2cm wide, complanate, to 15 flowered.
RHACHIS - Visible, edges flat, but not hollowed, green lepidote.
FLORAL BRACT - Imbricate, at the base flat two keeled, the upper half not keeled, scarcely sharp, the hooked tip indistinctly keeled, 3cm long, 1cm wide, pale carmine reddish, at the bottom green, robust, underneath persistently dense lepidote, (not becoming glabrous), exceeds the sepal.
FLOWER- Erect, to 3.5cm long, sessile, adjacent to the rhachis, weakly scented.
SEPAL- 2-2.2cm long, the posterior sharply keeled and joined for 5mm, acuminate, the top half pale carmine-red, at the bottom green, lepidote, (scales white with brown centre).
PETAL- Thin tongue like, acuminate, 3.5cm long, 4mm wide, edges wavy with reflexed tip, light carmine-red, at the bottom green.
STAMENS & STYLE - Enclosed. Filament white, strongly pleated. Anther thin, 4mm long, yellow, style and lobes as long as the anthers.
HOLOTYPE Rauh 53 774 (19. 7. 1980) HEID
HABITAT - Laguna Saurococha, Cajamarca, PERU on rocks, 2700m.

1. - Plant short not long caulescent.
2. - Leaf to 18cm long, spreading or recurved, channelled.
3. - Flower stem distinct, but shorter than the leaves.
4. - Inflorescence bipinnate with 1-2 spreading spikes, rhachis visible.
5. - Filament plicate not straight.

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