was Tillandsia pretiosa
now Wallisia pretiosa
(See DD02/17: for all new (DNA resolved) species & Cultivars.)
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Wallisia pretiosa
Andrew Flower 05/16.
Photo Andrew Flower 2014
Andrew Flower ... "June last year we discussed Tillandsia pretiosa - including my plant grown from seed collected in 1997 at 1900 m in Ecuador by a DBG member. At the time I didn't have a photo of this in flower, however it is now blooming here again - pics attached.
Derek Butcher was interested in the ratio of the inflorescence height to width:
My AB871962 infl. is 8cm wide, 16cm high - a neat 2-1.
Smith and Downs T. cyanea is 2.2-1; Rauh's T. pretiosa is 1.8-1.
Compared to the 2-1 ratio of this T. pretiosa, the Selby Gardens specimen shown last year in Peter Tristram's photos is considerably elongated.
One significant distinction between T. pretiosa and T. cyanea (Apart from the considerably larger flower in T. cyanea) is the tip of the sepals: short-pointy ("broadly acute") in cyanea, long-pointy ("acuminate") in pretiosa. So for reference I have attached my pic from last year showing the sepals on AB871962."
Derek Butcher ... "Thanks for photos. These have been added to the DVD.
Your concept of T. pretiosa links to the European current concept but I am interested in the Aussie plants which seem to be linked to Marie Selby. We must remember that Harry Luther placed Smith's T. cyanea var elatior as a synonym of T. pretiosa.
Things ain't simple when you get differing Botanist's opinions. You must have read the comments I make in the New Bromeliad Taxon list. Because of lack of input from the Americans, decisions made these days have a more European flavour."

Updated 24/03/17