Tillandsia pohliana
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Tillandsia pohliana

Ken Woods 06/06
Chris Larson 11/17 Large form from Gruber
Greg Jones 11/17 "Giant form"
Greg JonesU ... "T. pohliana Giant with interesting green flower bracts, from Chris Larson at the Sunny Coast Conference (ex. Tropiflora)."
Nick Rourke 12/21 pohliana Giant ex.Gruber
Greg JonesU ... "T. pohliana Giant ex.Gruber. I absolutely love this one from the subtle colours of the inflorecence to the scurfy trichome covered flower sheaths, it's up there in my favourites list.
I have another large form from Gruber coming along with a slightly more orange colour to the inflorecence."

Updated 03/01/22