Tillandsia piauiensis
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Tillandsia piauiensis
Peter Tristram 07/14
Chris Larson 09/17
Peter Tristram 09/17
Peter Tristram ... "The plants pictured will need to be seed grown before they can become more available. They were grown from seed by Lotte, and now can be cross-pollinated and hopefully will set seed. Unfortunately they have not bloomed at the same time as the other two piauiensis I have."
Peter Tristram 10/14. (bottom left plant "EG", rest from "H")
Peter Tristram ... "....While on the topic of T. gardneri, the beautiful species in the photos was first passed around a few collections in Germany as the ‘Kralle’ (meaning ‘Claw’) gardneri and reputed to have been collected in the Brazilian state of Piaui, immediately north of Bahia, though never reported again in the wild. It was finally described as a distinct species not too long ago, in Die Bromelie and has featured in that great journal a few times. It seems to me that, either the species varies a bit with regard to the stumpiness of the inflorescence peduncle or some of the clones have chapeuensis in them, perhaps if they were seed-raised from nursery-pollinated plants by collectors. Given that the foliage on all of the clones I have seen has always been distinctly ‘Kralle’ and even though the inflorescence peduncles can protrude a bit from the rosette (also seen in the 2 seedlings from Lotte I posted recently), I’m going for variation within the species! I’ll cross them anyway and see what happens, in 15 years."
Bruce Dunstan 05/21

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