Tillandsia parryi
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Tillandsia parryi
Photos from Derek Butcher 09/07.
Message from Derek Butcher, BSI registrar.
"You probably would not be aware of the changes that the Mexicans came up with early this year regarding this plant and Tillandsia sueae. Some of you may have scrounged a grass offset from me called Tillandsia sueae. If it is still surviving read this carefully.
In Smith & Downs T. parryi is shown as having violet petals. Sue Gardner was the first to query this colour because she found plants with green flowers and violet flowers in the collection areas quoted and checking the herbarium specimens was inconclusive.
Renate Ehlers in her extensive searches agreed with this and we saw T. parryi with green flowers and a new T. sueae with violet flowers. Somehow - don't ask me how - the Mexicans were able to discern from herbarium specimens that T. parryi had violet petals. This meant that T. sueae was synonymous with T. parryi.
What happened to the green flowered plant? This became T. suesilliae !
Plants in Mexico sometimes look exactly the same and the only difference is in the colour of the petals. Renate has recently treated a couple of such plants under the same species names despite me urging her to at call one var. viridiflora! The Mexicans did not address this problem.
After reading that, please enjoy the enclosed photo of a plant I got from Len Colgan who got it from Renate in 1996 because he did not think he could grow it! In 1996 when Len & I visited Renate it would have been interesting to be a fly on the wall. Renate was very fair if she had two spare offsets because it made two people happy. What happened when she only had one? We (sort of) took it in turns with Renate knowing where our specialised interests were. Len liked the big things and I liked the small - I wonder why!

Mark Supple 10/12, from Maurice Kellet.

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