Tillandsia paleacea
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Tillandsia paleacea
Ken Woods.
Ian Hook 08/08.
Plant/photo, Terry Davis. BSA Show 05/10.
Chris Larson 01/12. From Knize.
Derek Butcher 01/12. From Chris Larson seed "Inca Trail 1989".
Peter Tristram 12/12. From Uwe, DBG.
George Nieuwenhoven 03/14.
Ian Cook 08/17 'ourime apurimac' ex Butcher
Peter Tristram 08/17 Ollantaytambo
Ian Cook ... "This form I got from UD 12 months ago is labelled 'ourime apurimac'"
Peter Tristram ... "Over the years, dozens of forms of T. paleacea complex plants have been imported and everyone would have some in their collections. Unfortunately I have rarely photograph them. The form above was collected by Uwe Scharff near Ollantaytambo at the lower end of the Sacred Valley near Cuzsco and it has a particularly large flower. On our 2003 trip we saw masses of paleacea in that area too, mainly draping over rocks along with usneoides. I've also included a shot of multiple types."
Rob Bower 08/17 'Canto' ex Bob Hudson
Peter Tristram 08/17 'Zik Zak'
Peter Tristram 08/17 distichous
Peter Tristram ... "Nice paleacea Rob. Any idea what Canto refers to? Something to do with singing? Maybe itís from Derek via Bob when he gave away forms of paleacea in Albury some moons ago. Maybe thereís a place called Canto in Peru or itís Knize code?
The HESA form (after Helmut Sang), now T. Zik Zak, and the distichous form from Lotte Hromadnik, are very unusual. I imported a couple of the distichous form but havenít seen mine for a while so I hope Chris still has his!!"
Rob Bower ... "Canto seems to be a city/suburb in Brasil on the SE corner. Maybe thatís it. It does have a music meaning also but I donít know what it is."
Bob Hudson ... "Hi Peter & Rob. I acquired this form from Tropiflora a few years back."
Ray Clark ... "An apology is required. It has become apparent that Ian Cookís plant is indeed as labelled, T. ourime apurima.
The conundrum lies in the fact that despite our brilliant resources including the DVD, there are several forms of paleacea which have never been formally named or captured. This lack of info is what lead me to question Ianís plant. Walter Till described apurimacensis as a subspecies but there are other forms getting around which have not been described, these include paleacea minima, 'ourime apurimac' and 'rio rimac'. These plants most likely came from Karel Knize to Derek Butcher many moons ago.
Although the plants were lacking formal recognition Derek rightly chose to note the locality names on the labels with a view to potential identification some day in the future."
Chris Larson ... "There are just so many forms of so many species amongst collections. I remember that Peter Tristram was intent on importing forms of paleacea over a few imports, around 2010. I was questioning why? Not that I donít like them, but there are just so many.
Species have parameters where something can fit in. Cultivars, by the ICNCP general rules, can only be of one type. Then you have to account for variation of growth in one type between the harsh climate & (usually) underfertilized Adelaide plants (something which is changing) - and something like Bruce would grow in Brisbane in well fertilized conditions Ė the look would be totally different. This has been the problem the last two BCRegistrars have had to deal with Ė and why we have often been encouraged to lump them with a similar form on the BCR already.
Derek has labelled his plants with, I assume, Knizes collection data Ė but Knize labelled his plants randomly. Youíd open the paleaceas to find tectorums, tectorums to find walteri, walteri to find paleacea Ė and so on. While having the best of intentions, Derek may have been mis-informed by Karelís random naming procedures.
Also, the term Apurimac in this sense, ie this paleacea, may imply the Apurimac River or Valley near Arequipa Ė and Ourime is probably a town in the valley. T. paleacea var. apurimacensis grows there, but so do many other plants.
Registering every form has merits, but also has problems with bloating the BCR Ė just my personal opinion. I tend to only register cvs when I see particular merit in doing so."

Tillandsia paleacea ssp. apurimacensis
Ken Woods 12/05
Bruce Dunstan 11/18. "KK Ex.PT 5/17"
Bruce Dunstan 11/18. "KK Ex.PT 5/17"
Bob Bower 12/18
Bruce Dunstan ... "Not my smallest paleacea but on the smaller side of the species."
Peter Tristram ... "Itís a lovely little species for sure. Knize used them as packing on a shipment about 15 years ago but most died in that gassing, packing and everything else! There were a few different ones that survived and I remember sending them to SA so the Crow Eaters should have some of those Knize ones too. Are these from me/KK?"
Andrew Flower ... "T. paleacea subsp. apurimacensis (Walter Till JBS 1993 pp 7-10). It was also around in horticulture as "Tillandsia streptocarpa Mini" for many years."
Chris Larson ... "Andrew Thompson & I also spread some around from a locality around Ayacucho Ė collected in 1998. This is the other documented locality away from the Apurimac Valley."
Peter Tristram 12/18 Ex. Knize

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