Tillandsia organensis
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Tillandsia organensis
Peter Tristram 07/12
Chris Larson 04/14

Peter Tristram ... "One of the treasures I was lucky enough to obtain in Germany was T. organensis. It is a really stunning small silver red-flowered Brazilan species. Luckily I have 2 flowering from different sources so maybe they are different clones and true seed will set. It seems easy enough to grow."

Justin Lee 11/17
Chris Larson 02/19

Justin Lee ... "Are many growing T. organensis ? I've been growing it for a few years but it never flowers. The one in the picture is about the size of a 50 cent piece."
Bob Hudson ... "I do not think i have enough years left to grow that one but best of luck in getting it to flower."
Chris Larson ... "I find that it likes a very sheltered environment."
Chris Larson (02/19) ... "One I find good in the spot it is in shady but not dark, not wet, but humidity from other plants around it. Slow, not too many pups. No seed. Out of synch. with the other red Brazilians. A superb contrast between the colour of the bracts and the petals. (Lap agrees with me that the bracts are kind of orange -I got it right a first.) Almost luminescent when I spotted it today. I love it."

Updated 21/05/19