Tillandsia nolleriana
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Tillandsia nolleriana

Chris Larson 09/13.
Chris Larson .... "A first flowering from me. This one looked to me to be a little temperamental, but it has survived its’ first winter out in the unheated greenhouse at home and has taken the cold quite well. On looking at the disc, this plant comes from around 1800m Oaxaca, Mexico – so I need not have worried. I think it is more attractive in real life than these pictures seem to show."

Peter Tristram ...."Yes, not as easy as it looks and a very healthy specimen. Likes mild conditions so my January (and October!!) heat can knock it around. Like Chris I have 1 in bloom too. I keep them very shady over summer, like with cryptopoda, trigalensis, lautneri, mateoensis, nervata, kressii, of course multicaulis and other more common ones - there are a lot of these higher altitude species from those cool mountain forest areas and elsewhere in Mexico, Guatemala and further south."

Updated 17/05/14